8" Shower Faucet, Offset Shank

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Your tub/shower faucet should be as elegant as your bathroom, without sacrificing any durability or function. Enjoy your bath in style by installing this diverter faucet featuring a full non-metallic construction, chrome polish finish, and contemporary look. It is manufactured specifically to fit the standard 8" recreational vehicle faucet hookup. This particular faucet is designed for an offset water supply, meaning that your water supply should not align horizontally directly with the shower connections. The shower connection is slightly lower (offset) from the water supply inlets. Consider purchasing the straight faucet if you have a shower pipe that is set in line with your water supply connections. Diverter features allow you to switch easily between bath and shower. Use this product as a quality upgrade or as a replacement for a malfunctioning or corroded diverter faucet.

  • Includes chrome plated shower arm, flange and shower head
  • Water supplies are 8" on center
  • Offset shanks compatible with slightly lower (offset) shower outlet connections
  • Chrome plated finish with clear acrylic handles
  • Durable non-metallic construction for corrosion resistance
  • Pull-up style diverter mounted at the spout's nose
  • Use the in-line version of this product, RVP63, for an in-line shower water supply (sold separately)
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Product L x W x H: 3 in. x 12 in. x 11.5 in.

California Warning