RV Blow Out Plug

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Your recreational vehicle gives you months of fun with your family and friends. When the summer is over, you need to make sure your RV will make it safely through the winter to allow you to quickly prepare for the next camping season and make new memories. A Road & Home RV Blow Out Plug is an essential part of the winterization process. This small plumbing accessory screws into the city water inlet of your water lines. Once you have it connected, you want to open all the drains and faucets in your RV. Next, you attach and turn on your air pump to clear all the lines of water. If you leave water in your lines, you can end up with burst lines at the end of the winter. Save yourself some heartache and take care of your RV before winter arrives.

  • Use to winterize recreational vehicles
  • Compatible with standard tire air chuck
  • Schrader-style air valve with cap
  • Has standard male hose threads
Product L x W x H: 1.5 in. x 3.65 in. x 5.7 in.

California Warning