Acrylic Faucet Handle, Fits Standard Half Moon Broach

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You may have a lot of reasons for wanting to replace your faucet handles. If the old ones were not installed correctly, you may have always struggled to turn the faucet off all of the way or get the temperature where you want it. One of the old handles may have broken recently and made it impossible to get the water to work. Or you may simply want to update an old-fashioned handle set. No matter your reason for wanting a change, the Road & Home Acrylic Faucet Handles can help you make beautiful changes to your RV and mobile home bathroom or kitchen. The clear utopia style handles give your bathroom an air of grace but with long lasting durable, which will leave you feeling great about the update.

  • Attractive clear acrylic quickly refreshes to the look of your bathroom decor
  • Hot and cold handles, mounting screws and screw covers are included for easy installation
  • Suitable for mobile homes, RVs and other applications
  • Fits bathrooms, kitchens and tub faucets
  • Standard fit S or half-moon shaped broach handle. Will fit any stem with an S broach
  • Clear acrylic construction provides durability
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Product L x W x H: 1.75 in. x 3.65 in. x 5.7 in.