RV Drinking Water Hose

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Access to fresh water is essential when traveling in a recreational vehicle. An RV drinking water hose allows you to seamlessly connect to the water source commonly found in campgrounds and vacation spots. It is free from harmful contaminants such as BPA and phthalates so only the best water is used inside your vehicle. The hose features durable brass fittings for long-lasting durability and leak prevention. It is compliant with all state and federal safety laws for the best choice possible, no matter your location. It is lightweight for easy transportation yet long enough to make it convenient for a vehicle parked a reasonable distance from a water source.

  • 5/8" diameter for full water flow
  • Brass garden hose thread connections
  • BPA and phthalates free to give you healthy drinking water with no plastic taste
  • Compliant with state and federal safety laws
  • Appropriate to use in campgrounds and tourist destinations across the nation
  • Great for marine use
  • Garden hose washer included
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Hose length of 25'
Product L x W x H: 9.45 in. x 9.45 in. x 3.54 in.

California Warning